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Privacy Policy

Privacy Policy
User privacy policy
The purpose of this privacy policy is to familiarize customers, potential customers or visitors of the website with the purposes and basis of personal data processing by La Luna Tecnologia j.d.o.o., Zagreb 10000, (hereinafter: destinations2go).

In the destinations2go Web Store, we value your privacy, which is why we keep all your personal data strictly confidential.

All our online activities are in accordance with European laws (Regulation (EU) 2016/697 on consumer protection regarding the processing of personal data and the use of such data (General Data Protection Regulation or GDPR), conventions (ETS No. 108, ETS No. 181, ETS No. 185, ETS No. 189)) and state laws of the Republic of Croatia (Act on Protection of Personal Data (ZVOP-1, Reg. l. RS, No. 94/07), Act on Electronic Business on the Market (ZEPT , Ed. l. RS, No. 96/09 and 19/15) etc.)).

The privacy policy determines the use of information that destinations2go will receive from you when you visit destinations2go websites, register and make purchases or information that you will share with destinations2go customer service if you contact us by phone.

Manager and authorized person for data protection
The manager of personal data is the company La Luna Tecnologia j.d.o.o

The Personal Data Protection Officer is available at

Personal data
Personal data is any information related to a natural person who is identified or can be identified; an identifiable person is a person whose identity can be determined directly or indirectly, especially on the basis of an identification number or one or more characteristics specific to his physical, psychological, mental, economic, cultural or social identity.

destinations2go, in accordance with the purposes listed below and the privacy policy, collects the following personal data:

basic information about the user (name and surname, address, date of birth, delivery address);
contact information and information about your communication with destinations2go (e-mail address, telephone number, date, time and content of postal or email communication, date, time and duration of telephone calls, recording of telephone calls);
channel and campaign – the source through which the user-customer came into contact with destinations2go (website and advertising campaign, i.e. action, call center);
data on the user’s orders and issued invoices (date of order receipt and execution, purchased products, prices of purchased products, final order selection, payment method, delivery address, invoice number and date, identifier of the person who issued the invoice, etc.) and data on resolving product complaints;
data on the user’s use of the manager’s website (dates and time of website visits, pages visited, i.e. URLs, time spent on individual pages, number of pages visited, total time spent visiting the website, actions on the website) and data on the use of received messages (e-mail, SMS) of the seller;
data from forms voluntarily filled out by the user, e.g. in the context of prize games or the use of the configurator to identify the optimal products for the user’s needs;
other data that the user voluntarily fills in when requesting certain services that require this data.
destinations2go does not collect or process your personal data, except when you enable it, i.e. you give your consent, i.e. when you order products or services, when you sign up to receive e-mail notifications, participate in a prize game, etc., or when there is a legal basis for collecting personal data or destinations2go has a legitimate interest in the processing.
The time period in which the Provider stores the collected data is explained in more detail in the Personal Data Storage chapter of this Policy.

Purpose of processing and basis for data processing
destinations2go collects and processes your personal data based on the following legal bases:

law and contractual relations
legal (legitimate) interest
consent of the individual, i.e. the customer
Data processing based on law and contractual obligations
In situations where the provision of personal data is a contractual obligation, an obligation required for the conclusion and performance of a contract with destinations2go, or a legal obligation, you must provide personal data:

For example, if you do not share your personal data with destinations2go (name, surname, delivery address, phone number), destinations2go will not be able to conclude a contract for the sale of goods at a distance, i.e. a product order, and accordingly will not be able to deliver the product(s) because it will not have information about the customer and the delivery address.

Processing based on your consent
destinations2go collects (uses) your personal data only when you enable it, i.e. when you give express consent, i.e. consent:

to enable you to use your destinations2go user account and shop on the website, and for the purpose of technical administration

to enable you to use your destinations2go user account and shop on the website, and for the purpose of technical administration on the destinations2go website,
to provide you with access to special information available to you on the destinations2go website in your user account/profile provided by the seller,
preparation and sending of personalized e-mail messages, only if you have subscribed to receive promotional e-mail messages
sending advertising notices and other content via e-mail, SMS messages, regular mail when you have given your consent,
all other specific purposes with which you agree for the purpose of doing business with COM.HR
User profiling based on consent
Based on your consent to receive personalized e-mail or SMS notifications, destinations2go will inform you about special offers, promotions, actions and other special offers.

To ensure that you receive only those offers that are of interest to you, we have enabled users to define areas of interest for which they wish to receive promotional notifications.

In order to create the best offers for you, we may use some of the following personal data:

Demographic data (gender, date of birth i.e. age, address)
History of your orders (purchased products, time of purchase, number of orders)
Interests (if you fill out the questionnaire about your interests – LINK TO IT – we will send you promotional materials only for the product categories that you have explicitly marked that you want to receive them (for example, if you want to receive notifications only from the FASHION category, then we will send you promotional emails only about products from the FASHION category, while we will not send other notifications, e.g. about AUTO TIRES, to your e-mail address)
Behavior on the destinations2go website (review of individual products or product categories, adding products to the basket, online transactions)
Your responses (opening messages, clicking on links, purchasing) to the various messages we send you.
Based on your choice, we send you personalized promotional messages:

Only those product categories for which you have expressed interest and confirmed their receipt in your profile settings
Special offers for regular customers (Regular customers more often receive special offers reserved only for them)
Storage of personal data
destinations2go will keep your personal data for as long as it is necessary to achieve the purposes for which the personal data were collected and processed (e.g. to have access to and be able to use your online account and the website, in order to the seller could fulfill your order, to check your payments and fulfill other obligations of you and/or the seller, so that they could access the special information available, so that the seller could send you e-news, etc.).

All personal data processed by the Seller on the basis of the law is kept by the Seller within the legally defined period.

All personal data processed by the Seller due to the execution of a contractual relationship with an individual is kept by the Seller for the period of time required for the execution of the contract and for another 5 years after the termination of the contract. Unless there is a conflict between you and the Seller regarding the contract, in which case the Seller keeps the data for 5 years after the final court or arbitration verdict or settlement, and in the event that there is no court dispute, the Seller keeps the data for 5 years after the date of peaceful resolution of the dispute .

All personal data that the Seller processes on the basis of the individual’s personal consent or legal interest, the Seller keeps permanently until the termination of the consent by the individual, i.e. until the termination of processing is requested. This data will be deleted by the Seller before the termination of consent by the individual, only if the purpose of personal data processing has been achieved (e.g. the Seller, in the event that he stops running his benefit club, will delete all personal data that he collected for this purpose. The Seller would delete this data in in that case, even if the individual who consented to the processing of personal data for the purpose of the convenience club has not terminated that consent) or if the law so determines.

Contractual processing of personal data
As an individual, you are aware and agree that the seller can entrust certain activities, which include your personal data, to other persons (contractual data processors). Contractual data processors can process confidential data exclusively on behalf of the seller and within the limitations of the seller’s authority (in a written contract or in another legal act) and in accordance with the purposes defined in this privacy policy.

Contractual data processors with whom destinations2go shares certain data are:

accounting service, law offices and other providers of legal advice,
delivery services
providers of data processing and analytics,
e-mail providers (Mailchimp)
providers of payment systems, such as: T-com PayWay, PayPal, Solo
Internet advertising solution providers (e.g. Google, Facebook)
The seller will not pass on your personal data to unauthorized third parties.
The seller or its contracted processors will not pass on the personal data they process to third countries (outside the member states of the European Economic Area – EU members and Iceland, Norway and Liechtenstein) and to international organizations, with the exception of the USA – all contractual processors in the USA are included in the Privacy Shield program.

Freedom of choice
You decide about the information you provide. If you decide not to pass on your data to the seller, then you will not have full access to certain places, i.e. functions on the website and you will not be able to register on or make a purchase.

Automatic recording of information (non-personal data)
When you access the website, general, non-personal data (number of visits, average time spent visiting the page, visited pages) is automatically recorded (not as part of the application). We cannot link this data to your personal data and it is completely non-personal. We use this information to measure the attractiveness of our website and to improve the content and usefulness of the website itself. We do not use your data for other purposes and do not pass it on to third parties.

Cookies are invisible documents that are currently saved on your hard drive and enable the seller to recognize your computer the next time you visit the website. The seller uses cookies only to collect information that is used to use the website and to optimize its online advertising activities.

Cookies can be divided into two groups: basic (without the specified cookies, it is not possible to use the destinations2go site because registration is not possible, nor is it possible to add products to the cart) and promotional (cookies that track the use of the website in order to improve the quality of the service).

You can define the cookie settings in your internet browser, with a note that by turning off basic cookies, the destinations2go site will not work, you will not be able to search the offer, add products to the basket, register or make a purchase. You can turn off promotional cookies at any time in your internet browser.

More about cookies at the link: Cookies policy

The seller takes all necessary measures to ensure the security of your personal data. Your information is protected at all times against loss, destruction, falsification, manipulation and unauthorized access or disclosure.

This privacy policy can be changed or updated at any time without prior warning or notification. By using the seller’s website after the change or update, the user confirms that he agrees with the changes and updates.

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