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A charming Romanian village from a fairy tale

Castelul de Lut de pe Valea Zanelor Sibiu Romania

The clay castle of Valea Zanelor is one of the most fascinating tourist attractions in Romania. Just like in the pictures, the place is incredibly beautiful, as if taken from a fairy tale.

The castle is made only of natural materials, the walls are made of earth, water, clay, straw and sand. Inside the undulating roofs are 10 unique rooms with curved stone walls and rounded wooden doors.

Even the history of this real castle has something magical. The owner Razvan Vasile, a native of Bucharest, gave up the busy life in the capital and moved to Porumbaca de Sus. He felt that the place was full of magic and decided to build a house from a fairy tale. He met Ileana Mavrodin, an architect passionate about building in harmony with nature, who initiated the Casa Verde project.

A few meters from the castle, by the stream there are wooden chairs with straw tables where you can sit, listen to the sound of the water and relax with a good coffee.

The entrance fee is paid – only 10 Romanian lei, which would mean about US $2,01.

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