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Portofino a little hidden gem on the Italian Riviera

Bellissima Portofino ! The fishing town of Portofino is located a little south of Genoa and is one of the most romantic places on the Italian coast. The red and orange colors of the houses are nicely accentuated by the green hills and blue water. The small town along the Italian Riviera was the inspiration for the song from the 1950s, “Love in Portofino”!

In the heart of Portofino is Piazza Martiri Dell’Olivetta, which overlooks the harbor and is surrounded by colorful cafes and restaurants. In addition to expensive boutiques, there are also cheaper souvenir shops. If you are an ice cream lover, try Gelateria San Giorgio, where you can enjoy delicious homemade ice cream made from fresh fruit.

In Portofino, you will feel as if you are back in the 1950s and 60s. Then Portofino became popular with celebrities such as Brigitte Bardot, Ernest Hemingway, Elizabeth Taylor, Ingrid Bergman and Frank Sinatra.

Go to Castello Brown . It is a magnificent fortress that dates back to the 10th century. The fortress is open from 10am to 7pm in summer (until 5pm in winter) and has attractive gardens to explore, not to mention fantastic views of the site and sea. Frequent ferries departing from the port of Portofino allow short trips to the numerous ports along the coast. Perhaps the most interesting is Rapallo, which is home to a 16th-century castle that was built to protect the city from pirates.

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Hotel Splendido – located in a Benedictine monastery from the 16th century. Its position on the hill above and behind the village gives you an incredible view of the sea. The former monastery is located next to the cliff and was turned into a luxury hotel in 1901. The rooms are beautifully decorated with hand-painted trompe l’oeil and antique furniture, and the pool offers a fantastic view of the harbor. The hotel offers a variety of tours for every desire, from cruises, sunset cruises to underwater adventures, nature walks to bike rides.



The nearest airport to Portofino is Genoa Airport, also known as Cristoforo Columbo Airport. From Genoa, catch a train to Santa Margherita Ligure and finally a bus or boat to Portofino.

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