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In the south of Italy, in the Calabria region, there is a summer resort with a very impressive landscape – Tropea. This part of the coast on the Tyrrhenian Sea is called Costa degli Dei, “Coast of the Gods”, and it is extremely admired by those who know it as one of the best Italian summer destinations. The old town dates back to medieval times, and civilization in the area dates back to 4,500 years before Christ.


The Norman cathedral of Tropea Duomo is one of the most interesting buildings in the city. Inside the cathedral there are various beautiful decorations and impressive works of art. The patron saint of the city is Madonna Romania. The icon of the famous Madonna is carried around the city in a procession during religious festivals.

The beach can be reached by stairs on both sides of the cliff overlooking the Tyrrhenian Sea. Sparkling waters with gentle waves make the ocean great for swimming, and smooth white sand beaches are ideal for lounging. Tropea has both public beaches (free) and private (paid) beaches.

Santa Maria dell’Isola

Santa Maria dell’Isola is located on top of a hill overlooking the sea. The monastery is quite large and is surrounded by beautiful gardens.
The garden behind the church is surrounded by olive trees and fig trees, and you can enjoy a spectacular view of the beautiful coast and beach. Note that the church can only be accessed via a winding and steep staircase, make sure you wear sturdy, comfortable shoes.

Old Town
The old town has no specific tourist attractions, only a labyrinth of lovely streets, pilazzi and cafes where you will wander. Tropea is actually famous for red onions, which you can also buy as a souvenir, while lovers of spicy food will enjoy the local “fiery” products. Tropea is also famous for the tartuffa, an ice cream dessert in the shape of a dome, which usually consists of two flavors – hazelnut and vanilla sprinkled with cocoa powder.

Where to eat
Restaurant La Lamia
This restaurant is full of charm and extremely unique, it is located in a nice little courtyard and has a great atmosphere with an excellent selection of local specialties. Order Fileja alla Tropeana, a traditional Calabrian pasta with a rich tomato sauce topped with eggplant, zucchini and red onion.

Where to stay
Villa Paola
Stay at this luxury 5-star hotel in Tropea. The stunning hotel is located in a beautiful former monastery from the 16th century. The Hammam Suite is the most luxurious accommodation with a separate living room and private Turkish bath. Guests must be over 18 years old.

Arrival in Tropea
The nearest airport is in Lamezia Terme, from where visitors can travel to Tropea by bus or train. Tropea railway station connects it with several places on the Naples-Reggio di Calabria route. The railway station is located very close to the city center, and tickets can be bought at the station or in travel agencies.

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